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Our Vision

The Federated Initiative Against Poverty (FIAP) seeks to establish the biggest food chain in Nigeria, through investments in Agric-bussiness, create massive employment and skills acquisition in Nigeria and beyond, With the strongest emphasis on Youth employment..

Our Mision

The Federated Initiative Against Poverty (FIAP) will seek the cooperation of communities, stakeholders, development agencies as well as the three levels of government agencies to implement programs with a view to reaching and identifying individuals for assistance for training and retraining for self-reliance and to enable them become contributing members of society through skills acquisition and guided resource management.

About FIAP

The name Federated Initiative Against Poverty is inspired and are laid down methods and approaches to combat and eliminate poverty in all its ramification;” Federated” means a set of Inspired ways and means.”. Initiative” means concrete planned steps, “Against” means definite strikes at, “Poverty” - exclusion from stable and sustainable means of living, prosperity. Social and economic, political inclusion and self-reliance leading to human dignity. These steps will be realized through the encouragement of communities FIAP engages with to

  1. Form cooperative societies
  2. Identify the local resource/s to be harnessed for economic benefits.
  3. Train the youths hand-on on such projects, so that they can run the same for the well being of all
  4. Assist communities to look inwards for their economic well being and expect less from public coffers, instead , contribute to the revenue of the state.
  5. Reach out to international communities not for hand-outs, but for coorporation for mutual benefits.i.e. Bringing agro-product face to face with needed technology.

Mr. John Edem: B.Sc (Journalism). M.S. (SCM)
Founder / CEO

Mr. John Edem - Bio

A native of Nsit Ubium in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria is a dual citizen of Nigeria and Canada. He is the Founder of Federated Initiative Against Poverty -FIAP Organizations in Nigeria and Canada. He is the Chief Executive Officer of FIAP Agric Ventures, FIAP Youth Empowerment Initiative. A graduate of Mass Communication, Corporate Communications and veteran Journalist.From the federal civil service to Entrepreneural trainings backed by years of private bussiness experience, Mr Edem is providing a modern corporate leadership in FIAP activities


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76 Summitgreen Crescent, Brampton
L6R0T6, Canada

FIAP Global Nigeria.

Unit B,
148 Oron Road,
Uyo,Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.




+1 (416) 528-9921

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