The name Federated Initiative Against Poverty is inspired by the scorching effect of poverty and lack in our communities. FIAP has laid down methods and approaches to combat and eliminate poverty in all its ramification;” Federated” means a set of Inspired ways and means. ”Initiative” means concrete planned steps, “Against” means definite strikes at, “Poverty” - exclusion from stable and sustainable means of living, prosperity. Social and economic, political inclusion and self-reliance leading to human dignity.

Computer Training

Acquiring soft skills can obviously increases employability and this in turn outs food on the table. Computer soft skill is one the most sort after skilled and semi-skilled labour in Nigeria and across Africa. The relative short gestation period makes it a strategic channel for the FIAP skill acquisition povery alleviation programs. The short-term programs spans just four (4) weeks. you school leaves are the most suitable demography for this program.

Vegetable Farms

Vegetable farms provides the easiest route to inproving household income. Most vegetables or crops get ba ready for harvestoing in just four (4) weeks, which bridges the food gap during farming seasons and the heavy raining seasons. These means that the women(mostly but few men also) can quickly improve household income using proceeds from vegetable farms. FIAP delibrately focuses on Pumpkim leaves, water leaves, Cucumber, fresh pepper, water melon , Etc. These crops aprt from water melon starts yeailding in about six(6) weeks. This program is the most attractive to community women.

Cassava Processing

The FIAP food production and intervention is at the center of the poverty alleviation programme given that Cassava which is the rwa material for several staple food in the community is most assurable way to combat poverty by self-providing food first. Without food and in the presence of excrutiating hunger, no human can learn skills not engage in meningful venture. Cassava when processor can be converted to garri, fufu, fried cassava cakes (Akara Iwa), industrial and domestic starch , animal feeds, Etc.

Women Empowerment

"Empower a woman and you empower the community" Women care for the most vulnerable sections of the human community, the children and the elerly. FIAP partners with other agencies and organisation to provide microfinancing and farm inputs as credits to rural women. With the credit, women readily get involved in petty trading of farm produce and food production.Reports show that women enpowerement goes along in alleviating power.

Fish Farming

For a riverine based states like Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Rivers state, young unemployed youths have found this program quite useful. FIAP forms clusters which makes it easy for the young people to find suitable farms for fishing. Fish consumption is high with good returns on investment.

Micro Credit Scheme

Through partnership with Akwa Ibom State government and other partner agencies provides micro credits to enable low income have access to credit and production inputs. It is interest-free and for the period of 12 months. With just Ten Thousand Naira (NGN10,000.00) rural women are able to start petty trading , retails of food items such as vegetables, fried groundnut and banana, chin-chin, Etc. Families rely on the proceeds for their daily meals and other household expenditures.


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